Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Water for pharmaceutical use (EUP) is the most widely used ingredient in the manufacture of drugs, the main component in cleaning and disinfecting equipment; therefore, pharmaceutical facilities for the production, storage, distribution of water for pharmaceutical use and pure steam are essential elements. WTT, using its know-how, is committed to providing facilities in accordance with the customer’s request and guarantees to take great care to avoid any chemical and especially bacterial contamination.

These waters for pharmaceutical use exist in two different bulk forms. Purified Bulk Water (EPV) and Water for Injections Bulk (EPPIV) are described in detail in all pharmacopoeias, including the American, European, Japanese and Chinese Pharmacopoeias. Pure condensed vapor is considered EPPIV.For the production of liquid, solid, injectable or biological drugs, the pharmaceutical industry uses these two qualities of water: EPV and EPPIV. Different technologies for the purification of drinking water (good for human consumption) are available to produce these two qualities of water for pharmaceutical use. WTT takes a lot of care in pre-processing to be able to use the best production technology. The performances are linked to the quality of drinking water supplied or made drinkable and to the quality of the water for pharmaceutical use requested, to the investment cost, to the operating cost, to its reliability, to its robustness, its sustainability and the elimination or reduction of risks associated with the chosen technology.WTT as a specialist meets all these criteria and with its team of experts, carries out the engineering, design, construction and installation of production and distribution facilities for water for pharmaceutical use. Of course WTT also performs commissioning, qualifications (design qualification, installation qualification and operational qualification) and maintenance. WTT installations for the production and distribution of water for pharmaceutical use (purified water in bulk (EPV), water for bulk preparations (EPPIV), pure steam (VP) are robust and provide the continuous performance required. water for pharmaceutical use and pure steam comply with current pharmacopoeias and good manufacturing practices (GMP).
Water for injection
Bulk water for injections differs from bulk purified water in that it must be prepared by distillation or equivalent process. This bulk water for injections is used for parenteral administration.WTT produces EPPIV from a multi-effect still or distiller by thermocompression of pure steam or by a RO / RO / UF or RO / EDI / UF or RO/RO/EDI/UF membrane assembly. WTT for long-term performance reasons recommends installing stills that are 100 percent satisfactory.


Regardless of the level of quality required, the raw water source is usually that of the drinking water network or a local resource such as borehole water. This water, although it must meet strict drinkability criteria, is not suitable as such for pharmaceutical applications. Water intended for human consumption contains elements that are undesirable, either for the production process or to achieve the necessary level of quality.

WTT, thanks to its knowledge of the field and its know-how, does what is necessary to carry out a pre-treatment allowing to have water that meets the needs of the chosen producer, and olso in order to keep reverse osmosis membranes efficiency and long lasting. According to the origin, quality and use of feed water, solutions might consist in providing suitable filters, softeners, dosing systems, heat ex changers…etc