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In so many ways, talking about water seems to be so obvious and easy. We roam in the very essence of life and we see that everything is made out of water. However, when we look deeper, we find out that the obvious about water is far from being obvious. As much as it brings life, it could be as harmful and destructive when it is not properly treated and maintained.

In other words, we want WTT « to be the most professional and ethical, leading quality and cost effective water treatment technologies services and products provider in Africa ». The whole team is gathered, believing that they will « drive efficiency in everything we do » because the market is moving quickly and becoming more aggressive in term of quality, standards and technology development.

On behalf of the WTT’s team, I would like to thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you will find satisfaction in what we are looking at and looking for, and we hope you find pleasure in joining us in our journey « beyond water… »


The Water Treatment Technologies Company provides engineering from design to installation and operational commissioning, of units making it possible to produce and distribute to the user stations, process water regardless of the quantity and quality. normatively required, for all industrial sectors and more particularly the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

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