Food and Baverage

WTT has for more than 20 years a strong partnership with EUROWATER which has broad experience within the fields of developing, manufacturing, and marketing long-life water treatment plants with high reliability of operation and minimum need of maintenance .
WTT with EUROWATER offers a wide and complete product program of water treatment plants based on a modular-built standard system.
The plants can be individually combined and extended according to your process water within the food and beverage industry includes water in various qualities for purposes such as ingredient, processing, steam, washing, cooling, CIP or sanitation.

Think water treatment first

Process water within the food and beverage industry includes water in various qualities for purposes such as ingredient, processing, steam, washing, cooling, CIP or sanitation. Correct water treatment ensures:


Consistent level of product quality


Automation and control of the plant monitor the water quality


Operational reliability in water supply


Hygienic design ensuring low risk of microbiological growth

Optimize with UPCORE™

UPCORE is an ion exchange technology using the counter-current principle for regeneration. Using this principle for demineralized or softened water ensures:

– Excellent water quality
– Reduced water and chemical consumption
– Self-cleaning regeneration
– Pressure loss is kept low for less energy consumption
– Insensitivity to product variations and stops

High water utilization

The production of food and beverages requires a large amount of water and the water quality is crucial to the product quality and operational reliability. This calls for technologies that can provide the required water quality but also reduce water consumption.

EUROWATER has the products and the know-how to meet these demands without compromising the reliability nor the water quality.

Save water and energy with RO-PLUS units

RO-PLUS is a series of reverse osmosis units for demineralizing water. The units are designed for low water and energy consumption:

– Water recovery rate up to 90 %
– The reliability nor the water quality is compromised
– Chemical free solution
– High efficiency pumps designed to reduce energy consumption

Selection of water treatment within food & beverage industry


In addition to malt, water is the most important ingredient of beer.
Control the quality of the water and give your beer a unique taste.


Direct heat or heat from the hot water is an essential factor when producing food and beverage.
Optimum water quality for industrial steam boilers can obtain operational reliability and reduce blowdown.


Prevent microbiological growth in water and ensure germ-free process water.
UV disinfection system can be a hygienic barrier to ensure adequate disinfection of municipal drinking water supplies.
Own water supply

Many companies establish their own small waterworks. This to get the amount of treated water that are required for keeping operational reliability.

Get drinking water quality with a closed pressure filter that removes iron, manganese, ammonium, arsenic, pesticides and mechanical impurities.